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Affordable Living with Big City Dreams!

Updated: May 7, 2022

Whether you are a single young professional, just starting a family or entering active retirement, conserving funds for the future is always going to be your highest priority. One of the best ways to free up income is to make sure you’re in an area where the cost of living is reasonable.

The City of Reidsville, with its close proximity to Greensboro and Danville,VA, is the perfect place to live simply and affordably. Reidsville combines the many sought-after qualities of a small city while still having access to the opportunities available in a large metro city within minutes.

Recently ranked by LendEDU as #25 in the State of North Carolina and #714 in the US as a very budget friendly option for renters, Reidsville is a great place for young adults, families and retirees to rent an apartment or home at a price point that fits their budget.

When you think about relocating, what are some things that can attract you to a new city? Some will say: access to good jobs, parks and recreation, cultural opportunities, great restaurants, quality schools and healthcare facilities. That is Reidsville in a nutshell!

Access to Good Jobs:

“Reidsville has seen tremendous growth in new industry jobs over the past four years, which results in more disposable income for those entering, or advancing within, their careers,” said Jeff Garstka, the City’s Economic Development Director. “A direct result of this success is shown by the absorption of well over 200 new apartments in the City as well as new single-family residential development. Whether people are moving to Reidsville or ‘upgrading’ their living situation we expect these positive trends to continue as we market the community as a viable alternative to larger, neighboring metropolitan areas that have a higher cost of living.”

Parks and Recreation:

Reidsville boasts two public lakes that provide several options for enjoyment and recreation. There are trails and greenways, parks, historic homes, farmer's market, community events, concerts, outdoor movies and more.

Arts and Cultural Opportunities:

Recently, Reidsville was named as one of the competitive ‘Hotspots’ for the 2020 World Bodypainting Festival, no doubt due to the efforts of our own Scott Fray and Madelyn Greco,” said Reidsville Mayor Jay Donecker. “We are so proud that these award-winning body painting artists have made Reidsville their home and have brought such a prestigious honor to our city. They have contributed to our city on so many levels, including inviting others to live here!”

The art and culture opportunities don’t stop there. Reidsville has an active Theatre Group that puts on productions throughout the year. A number of local artists have peppered the downtown landscape with several murals and more recently custom works of art on planter boxes. This creates a vibrant and exciting environment for both visitors and residents. You can explore these creations in their newest Art Tour. Download the full tour and map here.

Amie Blu, painted by Holly Larkin
Amie Blu, painted by Holly Larkin

Good Eats:

If there is anything we all have in common, its food! Foodies have their own secret language and there is plenty to talk about in Reidsville. Food is one of the main keys to creating a sense of place, a taste of place, and a more relatable, affordable destination experience. Check out our latest food tour, to add a little flavor to your next visit.

Healthcare Facilities:

Having world-class advanced medical care in a small town is a feature not many can boast, but Reidsville can. Annie Penn is nationally recognized as a full-service hospital, offering the latest in-patient and out-patient care in a wide range of specialties. From cancer care and orthopedic surgery to heart health and emergency services, they are focused on supporting recovery, overall well being, and enhancing the quality of life for Reidsville residents.

“We have so many people relocating to Reidsville from all over the country as well as moving from larger cities,” said the City’s Marketer Judy Yarbrough. “People are looking for a small community to raise a family, get outdoors and get to know their neighbors. The housing market is booming and many people move here and rent while they find a new home or they have decided that owning a home has too many expenses and just want the luxury of renting. Our proximity to Greensboro is also a benefit to young professionals who are just starting out and looking for a lower rent option close enough to the night life. Reidsville provides all those qualities and so many more. We mirror our tagline ‘Live Simply. Think Big!’ ”

Regardless of the reason you are looking to move, we encourage you to consider Reidsville. We are a team-oriented community with amenities for our residents of all ages. Ideally placed between the cities of Danville, VA and Greensboro, NC, Reidsville gives you all the benefits of living in a smaller city without sacrificing the conveniences of more urban areas.

Don’t take our word for it, read the first hand account of The Dilday Family's move from Greensboro to Reidsville and how it significantly changed their perception of small town living:

To find out more about what Reidsville has to offer, download our Relocation Guide at or contact us directly at (336) 349-1099.


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