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Spice Up Your Week with this Reidsville Foodie Tour

Calling all foodies! Food tours are the key to creating a sense of place, a taste of place, and a more relatable destination experience for locals to share just what Reidsville is all about! We have a couple fun new culinary experiences to share, offering tasty hints of diverse restaurant cuisine along the way. And if there’s anything we all have in common, it’s food, so let’s get to eat’n!

We understand, now, it is more important than ever to SUPPORT AND EAT LOCAL and with dining being the most direct (and most delicious) way to connect to local culture, searching for genuine regional cuisine and avoiding chains is the best way to immerse in the total experience. Below is just a sampling of what Reidsville has to offer.

Oh My! Sugar High!!

207 S. Scales St.

Owner Kelly Janney is one of those southern women who welcomes you by saying, “Do you want something to eat?” Specializing in Pies, Kitchen Kakes, Kupcakes and more, Kelly’s Kitchen has just the prescription for your sweet tooth!

Covid Update: Fully Open

Your Hometown Spot

1529 Freeway Drive

Garfields Restaurant & Pub is the ultimate gathering spot where the only thing they love more than sports is FOOD! With so many delicious items on their menu, let us help you out if you just can't decide...the Shrimp is the way to go!

Covid Update: Fully Open

Dear Coffee, We Love You

101 S. Scales St.

If you are like us, coffee is the ultimate start to your day and something to enjoy throughout as well. Located in downtown Reidsville, owner, Phyllis Williamson Graves and her staff serve a variety of coffees, smoothies, lattes, and delicious desserts. Treat yo’self to a SIP of coffee today!

Covid Update: Fully Open

Health Goals?

305 SE Market St.

Helping our community to stay healthy and happy, Crave Nutrition is all about promoting nutrition and wellness. With so many options of delicious protein packed shakes and energy serving goodness, what are you craving today?

Covid Update: Fully Open

Mexican Please!

1401 Freeway Drive

All settled into their new location, Monterrey Mexican is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings for traditional homestyle Mexican cuisine. Whether you order the fajitas or tacos...please remember to save us a margarita!

Covid Update: Fully Open

Burger Beast

727 S. Scales St.

Good food tours introduce you to the best local bites and leave you with a full belly and boy, does Pete’s Burgers and More, leave you with just that! Let’s be honest, life is too short to miss out on their chipotle bacon double cheeseburger!

Covid Update: Curbside Only

Here in the south, food is ‘bae’, so we are passionate about our food and culture. We can never resist a pinch of yum from all of our local food cuisines and they are guaranteed to leave you drooling and full!

For all things Reidsville food, follow Reidsville Area Restaurants on Facebook! For some outdoor dining options during COVID-19, please click here.

To find out more about what Reidsville has to offer, visit our website at


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