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See Good Things Mural Be Happy


“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” is just one of the many inspirational messages you’ll find along this uplifting art tour through Reidsville, NC.

The City has made a commitment to its citizens to invest in public art installations. So far the results are both inspirational and beautiful.

Now, get in the car and enjoy this driving art tour.

Make sure your phones are charged, as it is packed full of Insta worthy pics.

Brad Spencer Brick Artwork Reidsville NC

Throughout Reidsville you will notice a unique collection of brick sculptures. These pieces are the handiwork of Brad Spencer, a talented, local artist with the ability to transform plain bricks into masterpieces that capture the American spirit. You can spend an entire day exploring these sculptures and even pass by Brad's studio which is located in downtown Reidsville off Market Street. You may even meet his furry friends that guard the artwork on display in the windows.

downtown artist

Artistic talent is displayed around every corner in Reidsville from murals depicting the history of the town and its ties to the railroad to modern day sculptures that pay homage to the past, present and future. Take the Roam Reidsville tour to learn more about these wonderful pieces of art and discover other treasures along the way.

Lion the witch and the wardrobe

Theatre Guild of Rockingham County (TGRC) began in 1989 as an extension of the Rockingham County High School Drama program through the vision of founder Gene Saunders. Today the Theatre Guild produces four shows throughout the year which includes a youth production, a musical and two main stage plays.



P.O. Box 2766

Reidsville, NC 27323



(336) 627-0228


The Rockingham County Arts Council was founded in August of 1969 as a non-profit arts organization whose mission is to nurture and enrich the cultural life of Rockingham County. The Arts Council encourages excellence in the arts through grant programs available to community arts organizations and schools.


124 S. Scales Street, Suite 111

Reidsville NC 27320



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