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After months of anticipation the Toymakerz Driving tour is finally here!  Now fans of the popular show can tour some of their favorite scenes in Reidsville guided by the cast and crew of Toymakerz!

Hop in your car and follow the interactive map below. Look for the driving tour signs which contain a QR code link to a featured video where the Toymakerz crew gives you the inside scoop on some of their favorite scenes from the show. At stop 10 you will end up at the Toymakerz shop where you can schedule a tour of the place where all the magic happens.

Schedule your tour of the Toymakerz shop starting in January 2022. Tours are available from 9-12 the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month. To reserve your dates, email us your name and requested dates.

Enjoy the day in Reidsville on this fun and exciting, high-octane tour!


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