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Depot District - The hottest new space for living in Downtown Reidsville

You may have heard the buzz on the east side of town about this new addition to Reidsville, but we are here to give you all the deets and spill the tea on this new hot spot.

Steeped in history, Reidsville is one of the few towns that still has an active train running through it. Once a bustling depot, the area surrounding the train is full of industrial warehouse buildings that have struggled to find new life now that the train no longer stops. The City of Reidsville, together with their Team Reidsville Community of Champions, started brainstorming ideas of how to reinvent this area, and the Depot District was born. 

So what is the Depot District?

The Depot District is a new downtown experience for Reidsville. The vision is to promote the essence of urban village life offering the opportunity to live, shop, work and recreate in a walkable, pedestrian-friendly community. It will provide greatly needed modern retail options and serve as a focal point for shopping, dining, socializing and entertainment. Residents and visitors will find the blend they want, from coffee shops, community parks, music venues, restaurants, breweries, clothing boutiques and art galleries.

When will the project begin?

Reidsville has been in the planning stages for about two years and we are excited to now see it move into the next phase. Rezoning of the district began in January 2024, and will be finalized by February. 

What will it include?

The master plan for the district includes three areas of focus:


The Gathering area takes advantage of historic buildings and a strong connection to downtown. It includes repurposing the historic buildings into shops, restaurants, entertainment spaces, art galleries, and other places to hang out and create a new hub for Reidsville that is different and complementary to downtown.


A small park located adjacent to The Gathering provides an opportunity for a dog park, community garden, and flexible space and a promenade that looks over natural open space.  


This area is all about the convenience of downtown living. Residences fill up the block, providing much needed housing in loft or industrial-type apartments that cater to people that want to live in a funky walkable environment. 

​Plans include redevelopment of the northern end of the District to provide trails, open landscape, access to nature, a picnic pavilion for gatherings and a walking track. This area takes an abandoned site and turns it into a community asset. More details on this development are listed in Phase III.


This phase includes the transformation of the former Lawsonville Elementary School site into a multipurpose community hub that includes places for learning, growth, recreation, crafts, and sharing. It will be a multi-age group facility that allows grassroots efforts to take hold, skills to be honed, and arts and crafts to be made. 

A large flexible field provides places for informal games. A community garden provides a place for children to learn about where food comes from and to promote health and wellness. A walking and running track encircles the gardens and fields, providing a place to take a stroll and get in shape. 

When will it open?

A number of projects have already been announced, and the City of Reidsville has received some grant funding for the renovation of Lawsonville School. Additional grant funding is being sought for this project. The complete development of the district will take 3-5 years, but we anticipate some of the projects in Phase I to be open as early as November 2024.

Public offerings such as a restaurant and a small business and entrepreneurship co-working space have already entered the planning phase and hope to be open in the next 9-12 months. These projects will act as a catalyst for attracting additional investors and motivating current property owners. A residential, industrial apartment development has already been announced as well with plans to be open in the next 2-3 years. 

How can I get involved?

The City of Reidsville is seeking investors and interested parties that want to be a part of The Depot District as they move forward. If you are interested in investing in the revitalization of this area and would like more information on the Master Plan for The Depot District, contact Haywood Cloud at

Find out more on our Economic Development website at


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