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Why Entrepreneurs Are Choosing Reidsville Over Urban Cities

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Several businesses are trading their former urban footprint for the balanced, rural and central location of Reidsville, NC, as a base.

“We chose Reidsville because of the quality of the’s also an ideal location from a distribution standpoint” - Pella CEO Tim Yaggi shares. Window and door manufacturing giant, Pella Corporation, is just one of many corporations that have chosen to become a local entrepreneur and make Reidsville, NC it’s home. 

Pella CEO, Tim Yaggi discusses the company’s decision to establish a regional manufacturing hub in Reidsville. The window and door manufacture will be creating 125 jobs.

“We are known for our core values including total integrity in everything we do, teamwork and respect, and giving back to our communities. After an extensive site selection process, we are confident that the Reidsville community not only has a quality workforce but is also well aligned with these values and will help us continue to live up to our reputation as a great place to work.” said Tim Yaggi, CEO, Pella Corporation.

North Carolina Secretary of Commerce, Anthony M. Copeland

“Once companies like Pella understand the advantages that North Carolina offers to manufacturers, they’re eager to locate here,” North Carolina Secretary of Commerce, Anthony M. Copeland said.“We’re seeing more manufacturers locating and expanding here every year, enjoying our business-friendly climate, East Coast location and a workforce ready to roll up their sleeves.”

Governor Roy Cooper stated,"In North Carolina we’re proud of our manufacturing expertise and our skilled workforce that helps companies thrive here,” Cooper said.“We’re excited to welcome Pella to Rockingham County and know they will find talented North Carolinians ready to get to work.”

Making Reidsville attractive to the people who create jobs is a main focus of our city leaders. We know that entrepreneurs embody a special kind of worker - the risk takers who help create jobs for other people. They tend to embrace a healthy lifestyle choice, physical wellness, trustworthy workplaces, and intellectual curiosity that distinguishes them apart. These differences outline a playbook our community leaders here at #TeamReidsville follow when marketing to bring this special class of worker to our beloved home.

“It’s not for folks who want hustle and bustle, lots of traffic and crowds.  It is the perfect town for those who prefer to visit the urban jungle, but return home to a more peaceful day-to-day lifestyle. Reidsville is in the Piedmont of North Carolina – close to Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Raleigh, but a hometown set apart.” - Carolina LivingMagazine

ToyMakerz owner, Dave Ankin along with City of Reidsville City Council Members

“I could have located my business anywhere but Reidsville spoke to me on so many levels,” said Dave Ankin, owner of Toymakerz, a show on The History Channel, and a custom vehicle fabrication shop. The retired stuntman loves the feel of Reidsville, starting with the town leaders.

“There are so many good people who want to see the town prosper and grow,” he said.“Parts of the town have been incorporated into the show and when visitors come to the shop, they want to go by the fire department and see the area.” Ankin says he feels at home and it is very satisfying to know that if something is needed, he can make a phone call and get help. 

“Here at #TeamReidsville, we pride ourselves on the availability and affordability of residential and commercial properties with more land and space to establish your business and provide affordable housing to your employees.” -  City Manager, Preston Mitchell

Being“first in education”, Reidsville offers a A STEM-based elementary magnet school through a partnership with UNC-Greensboro, live streaming of classes from the NC School of Science and Math, International Baccalaureate(IB) Diploma Programme, as well as RockATop workforce training, education and apprenticeship program. 

“We have the convenience to the bigger cities without the everyday hustle and bustle as we are located less than 10 miles from the northern tip of Greensboro. Reidsville is in a prime location for  a wide variety of businesses and  industries. In fact, you can reach over one-third of the U.S. population within a days drive from Reidsville. Talk about a wealth of opportunities at your fingertips!” - Reidsville Mayor Jay Donecker

Sold yet? Thinking of starting a business in Reidsville? We’ve got you covered: Doing Business in Reidsville If you’re interested in bringing your business to Reidsville, click here to find all about the current market and“Rocking it in Reidsville!” 

Welcome to #TeamReidsville- a Community of Champions!

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