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Road Tripping to Reidsville

Updated: Oct 7, 2019

Welcome to our corner of the Piedmont, Reidsville, NC, where the history is plentiful and the traffic is not. Here in Reidsville, we may be close to Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Raleigh, but we are definitely a small town set apart in our own right. Explore our quaint town and enjoy the warm and friendly faces that welcome you to our Community of Champions. The following are some must-see stops you don’t want to miss.


We’ve said it before and will always say, “the heart of a true delicious North Carolina plate lies in our small towns.” Arrive in downtown and become acquainted with your surroundings while relaxing on one of the benches in the center of town at the Dog House.

As you take a look around, you will start to smell the local restaurants before you notice them.There are plenty of locally-owned restaurants to choose from serving a variety of menu selections to please everyone’s mood. Cruise back in time to the nostalgic setting of an old-fashion 50’s diner at Cafe 99. Sip on some sweet tea and flip through the menu to homemade soups, wraps and sandwiches a plenty!

We encourage you to skip the long lines and crowded spaces of the big city and try out some of the best cookin’ around in small town, North Carolina. Shop local, support local and most importantly...EAT local! Explore even more dining options online at:


Stroll our streets, lined with homes that showcase several eras of architecture, and take a step back in time.

Downtown Reidsville is a beautiful and unique place for walking tours. Specialty shops abound and merchants take pride in what they offer. We are a hot spot for outdoor enthusiasts. We proudly show case our two public lakes that provide enjoyment and recreation. Lake Reidsville is the larger of the two and offers an abundance of outdoor recreation opportunities, including trails, boating, camping, fishing, disc golf, and more.

Market Square is easily the “heart” of Reidsville. This beautiful downtown park and amphitheater is the center of attention and thrives as a gathering place throughout the year. Adorned with the brick artwork of local artist Brad Spencer, unique to Reidsville, Market Square is the place for arts, entertainment and fresh food finds from our local farmers. Check our events calendar because there’s always something happening in the Square!


In the Tar Heel State, we pride ourselves on some of the most welcoming, picturesque, unique and historic destinations in the nation. Reidsville offers not only the perfect setting for every type of event; we offer a number of benefits for spending your happily ever after here, as well.

Located in Downtown Reidsville, the historic Penn House is one of the finest and most sought-after wedding venues in the Triad. From the ambiance and unique character to the elegance and affordability, it’s no wonder they were named the “2016 Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award Winner.”

Set the course for a tranquil getaway and explore beautiful sites, natural settings and a diverse assortment of enchanting entertainment in our gorgeous lakes, greenways, trails, outdoor events and a cozy downtown. All of these things make us the perfect outdoor adventure spot. No matter the season, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with Reidsville as many have!

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