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Reidsville is Building a Community of Champions and We’re Saving You a Spot on the Team

Reidsville has a long history and tradition of producing a winning strategy as they lead North Carolina with the most high school football state titles ever; earning them the nickname “Football Capital of North Carolina”. However, we are more than that, we are a city deeply rooted in togetherness, a captivating community that has mastered the art of being champions both on and off the field. For 2018, our focus is on creating a game winning strategy to recruit new players (residents) to the team with a campaign that will definitely motivate you to consider this up and coming city.

“Reidsville is on the move, we are “Rising Up” and making our community stronger, better and more unified than ever before”, exclaimed Reidsville Mayor, Jay Donecker. At a time when it seems most are flocking to bigger cities, Reidsville is thriving on motivating future residents to “Live Simply.Think Big” while solidifying a common bond to “Rise Up” and build a Community of Champions, which we have appropriately named Team Reidsville.

The “Rise Up Reidsville” campaign officially launched on March 1 with the introduction of the City’s new website: and new community focused social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter: @TeamReidsville

The City of Reidsville will also be announcing several new initiatives to support the campaign and “sweeten the deal” for new residents. These initiatives include the “Adopt-a-Home” revitalization program and “Reside in Reidsville” welcome program. There are improvements happening all over the city including playground upgrades at several neighborhood parks, the addition of more outdoor recreational activities at Lake Reidsville, multiple trail expansions, and a slew of new business opportunities in the downtown corridor.

So what’s our pitch? Team Reidsville is looking for players (residents) that:

  • Have the desire to simplify their lives: less traffic, less confinement, with more opportunities to grow and fulfill your dreams

  • Embrace art, culture and the creative spirit

  • Want to connect to a resilient community in support of something big

  • Actively seek outdoor adventure

  • Aspire to raise and care for a family in a safe and friendly atmosphere

Team Reidsville is made up of residents, businesses and community leaders truly working together toward a common goal; to make Reidsville the best city it can be. Consider being part of our team and exploring all the opportunities Reidsville offers. Located in an ideal location, just outside of Greensboro and minutes from the Virginia line, Reidsville offers convenience, affordable housing, business opportunities, growth, and a great place to live at any age.

We invite you to come visit; get to know the community and spend a day in North Carolina’s “Football Capital” where you just might see an end zone dance or two…

Click here to download a printable version.



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