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Moss Street Partnership School Proves We are “Better Together”

Photos Courtesy of UNC Greensboro

Quality education is the cornerstone to providing opportunities for the next generation, and the understanding and awareness of unique learning styles is helping transform students who were once categorized as low-performing into classroom stars.  Education in Reidsville is known to inspire young minds, and engage innovative approaches to teaching and learning, while building countless paths of opportunities. Early education, specifically while in elementary school, is a particularly important timeframe in our children’s schooling. 

Here in Rockingham County, our schools understand the importance of a good foundation.[,] which is why, in 2017, a partnership was formed between the University of North Carolina Greensboro (UNCG),  Rockingham County Schools, and the Reidsville community. UNCG and Rockingham County Schools have set out to prove that a little collaboration can change the future for low-performing schools, and the communities that surround them. 

Photos Courtesy of UNC Greensboro

Moss Street Partnership School is a kindergarten through fifth grade elementary school formed  to provide an exceptional educational experience for the children of Rockingham County in a customized setting that emphasizes experiential learning that is authentic, active, learner-centered, challenging and literacy-rich. The school is free and open to low-performing child residents of Rockingham County in an effort to provide targeted and enriched learning opportunities.

“On the day we received official approval to develop the Moss Street Partnership School, I remember thinking: “this is going to be transformative - both for the community and for UNCG. It is going to be a phenomenal amount of work, but the impact will be extraordinary,” remembers Dr. Randall Penfield, Dean of UNCG College of Education. 

The Moss Street Partnership School - also called a “Lab School” - features innovative approaches in curriculum and instruction, hands-on teaching and learning and professional development opportunities for area educators. The school has the potential to serve approximately 450 students and has provided a measurable positive impact on children and families in the Reidsville community and surrounding area.


In addition, the Moss Street Partnership School leverages the expertise and resources of UNCG, and the UNCG School of Education, School of Health and Human Sciences, and the College of Visual and Performing Arts to bring new ideas, programs and opportunities to students. Through this partnership, students benefit from expanded instructional capacity integrated with broad wrap-around services – like counseling and nutritional programs – to support students’ health, social development, and emotional well-being.

Developing a love for learning, leading the change in the Reidsville community, working collaboratively to cultivate a lasting educational experience while changing the future...THAT is what the Moss Street Partnership School is all about!

Admission Guidelines - Registration Open!

Any Kindergarten through fifth grade student who lives in Rockingham County and who is assigned to a low-performing school or demonstrates that s/he did not meet expected growth in the prior school year is eligible to attend. For more information on enrollment into the Moss Street Partnership School, please visit

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