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Global Retailer Walmart Joins Team Reidsville!

What began as a campaign by the City of Reidsville to increase community participation and recruit new residents reached new levels as global retailer Walmart joined Team Reidsville.

Pictured above from left to right: Carly Vessenmeyer, Mayor Jay Donecker, and Terrell Bowers, Walmart Manager

In February of 2018, City officials launched the “Rise Up Reidsville” campaign with the hopes of creating an even deeper bond with our current citizens as well as attracting new ones.

Reidsville, known throughout the state of North Carolina as “Football Capital”, wanted to spread that same team mentality amongst our citizens. Like many other rural towns, Reidsville has faced an economic shift in recent years that forced us to rethink, reorganize and reinvent. It’s easy to see why we picked the words “Rise Up” to lead their campaign as the City bonded together and did exactly that.

“We have a local high school football team that has experienced huge success as a team for many years, which resulted in an unprecedented record of wins throughout the state,” commented City Marketer Judy Yarborough. “When we came to the table to create this campaign, it was their resilience, hard work and team mentality that inspired us. We felt if we could apply that same concept to how we view our community, both businesses and residents, as one team, working together towards a common goal; we would have something really special that people want to be a part of,” Yarborough added.

The city tapped into something special because the “Rise Up Reidsville” campaign spurred a Team Reidsville concept that “we are all in this together”, and both residents and businesses have signed up to be a part of this Community of Champions. The most recent team recruit is none other than the global retailer Walmart, which is showing its support by offering Team Reidsville t-shirts and other swag items in their stores.

Other recent recruits include over 30 new residents, which led to implementation of a “Reside in Reidsville” program to welcome those new residents and familiarize them with all Reidsville has to offer and, on the business side, expansion of the Albaad facility, which will result in a $45 million dollar investment and over 300 new jobs.

Reality TV show star David Ankin from Toymakerz is also a big fan of Team Reidsville. In a recent interview, Ankin explained why he chose Reidsville for both his business as well as the show. “My business can be ran anywhere. But they welcomed me here in Reidsville. Every day they amaze me. There is something kind about the people here in North Carolina. They find fun in the simplest things. That can get lost in the bigger cities.” Recently Toymakerz was picked up by the A&E Network and will be moving from Velocity to the History Channel in 2019.

After spending even a short time in the City of Reidsville, it is easy to see why both businesses and residents are drawn to our area. Less than 10 miles from northern Greensboro, this city offers the benefits of small town living without sacrificing urban amenities. But perhaps, the greatest draw to this community is the sense of belonging and pride that comes with being a part of Team Reidsville as well as the continuous support and opportunities that come with it.

Pick up your Team Reidsville swag at Walmart located 1624 Hwy NC 14 and be a part of something special! Relocation may not be a part of your plan yet...but we’ll make sure to save you a spot!

Click here to download printable version.

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