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For the Love of the Game

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

The crack of the bat, the swish of the net, the excitement of crossing into the end zone...all for the love of the game. The comradery, the friendships, the life-long memories...all for the love of the game.

Where did your love of sports start? What memories do you have from childhood? Did you walk around door-to-door and collect all your friends for a midsummer game of kickball? Sure, we all did back in the day. In my neighborhood we had an entire gang of kids that hung out everyday after school and every weekend. You don’t see as much of that these days. Instead kids are in their bedrooms, glued to the TV, playing online video games with their friends and a whole bunch of other people we don’t even know.

Times have definitely changed dramatically over the last 20 years, but one thing that’s still around and still bringing kids, neighbors and communities together is youth sports. This is especially true in Reidsville where they are well-known for their achievements, not only in high-school football, but also in many of their youth sports leagues.

Just last year the Reidsville Recreation All-Stars, boys 8 and under team earned a coveted spot in the NC Dixie Youth Baseball Tournament where they finished 2nd. On that team were members of another All-Star team, the Reidsville Luckies! Who are the Luckies? They are a boys 8 and under travel ball team that in 2018 were recognized as the top team in the nation. That’s right we said NATION!

Youth sports is where many of us began our love affair with sports. It’s also where we met some of our best friends. Being a smaller city like Reidsville, where the “team” mentality is carried throughout the community, helps make these connections even stronger. Several of the current players on Reidsville High’s award-winning football team have been playing together for over a decade. They know each other’s strengths, they communicate well, they understand the value of teamwork, and it all started in youth sports leagues.

Reidsville is proud to offer a variety of youth sports for kids of all ages. The Parks and Recreation Department works hard to provide activities for our youth all year long and we have dedicated parents and coaches that support and encourage the kids along the way.

Now turn off that TV and get your kids signed up for any one of our youth sports leagues. Sign-ups for baseball and softball started Jan. 6, 2020 and will continue throughout the month an into February. You can sign-up in person or online at: Reidsville Parks and Recreation (201 N. Washington Ave.) or log in/ register at

For additional details or a full list of youth sports programs contact our Parks and Recreation Department at 336-349-1092.

Click here for printable version.

Click here to download event flyer.

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