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Do What You Love for the Rest of Your Life in Reidsville, North Carolina

You’ve saved, you’ve planned, you’ve done the research…and now you are finally looking forward to retirement. Now the million dollar question: Where should I retire? If there was one perfect spot to match the needs of every retiree, deciding where to settle would be simple. But no dream location fits every dream―and there are plenty of charming and comfortable options all over the map. There are a lot of things to consider when deciding where to live in retirement, and we believe Reidsville has all of those things and more!

What to Look for in a Retirement Spot

A generation ago, the primary concern for retirees seeking a new location was climate. Today, financial considerations seem to weigh much more heavily. Low cost of living and housing costs are important to most of us, as well as factors that will ensure you can come out unbothered should circumstances change. Designated in 2008 as an "All-America City", we are proud of what Reidsville offers active retirees. Average home prices are well below Greensboro and other surrounding metros making Reidsville a very affordable place to live. We enjoy lower property taxes, compared to other parts of the nation, and our cost of living is less than the national average. In short, you just get more in Reidsville.

The City of Reidsville is one of only 18 Cities in the State of NC certified as a great place to retire through Retire NC.  Each city that receives this designation must meet a strict criterion of items that people retiring would look for in a community. Reidsville is also the only city in the State of North Carolina that has the Seal of Approval Award from the American Association of Certified Retirement Communities. Giving us credence to our boasting!

Our Way of Life

Experts suggest the area you choose for retirement should be growing and have qualities that attract newcomers.Those qualities include: natural elements such as recreational land, visible history such as historic buildings and monuments, and a vibrant economy where people can find work. Reidsville has a thriving arts community that includes an active theatre guild and arts council. It is rich in history with a dedicated historic district featuring treasures like Penn House and Governor Reid House. Reidsville boasts two public lakes that provide several options for outside enjoyment and recreation. There are trails and greenways, parks, historic homes, farmer's market, community events, concerts, outdoor movies and more! Best of all you don't have to fight large crowds to shop at your favorite downtown boutique or stand in line to eat at your favorite restaurant. Overall, you get to experience a simpler way of life that’s still bursting with opportunity.


One of the top interests for retirees is having a full-service medical facility within reasonable driving distance. Annie Penn Hospital in Reidsville is part of the Cone Health System and has won award after award for its level of care. This has allowed our city to grow greatly in the number of doctors and services offered. Healthcare is important and has been a focus of Reidsville and the community through the Kate B. Reynolds Foundation-funded Healthy Places Initiative and the Reidsville Area Foundation efforts. Work is being done throughout our community to offer healthy living for our residents. If needs cannot be met locally, then renowned health institutes such as Duke, Baptist and Chapel Hill are a short distance away.

Fitness & Active Living

Reidsville Center for Active Retirement Enterprises (RCARE) is a Center of Excellence, one of the few in the state with that designation. The center hosts many activities, including group trips, bowling, bocce ball, pickleball, shuffleboard, dancing, art lessons, card games and so much more. Attend an aerobics class or learn how to paint, the opportunities are endless. You can find out more about RCARE as well as download their calendar of events here.

Doing What You Love

Here in Reidsville, we understand that being "retired" doesn't mean putting your dreams on hold, in fact we think it means you now have the freedom to fulfill them without restrictions. There are commercial spaces downtown ready to welcome your business, historic homes available for revitalization and there is always room on Team Reidsville for residents to help us grow and improve our community. We welcome you to Reidsville and encourage you to explore all we have to offer.

Our Team

Like other small towns, Reidsville has suffered hard times, but our community is stronger because of it.  Reidsville was featured as one of the NC Association of Realtors "Resilient Communities" due to our passion, drive and determination to keep pressing forward towards the goal line.The determination and teamwork that has led our local high school football team to 20 state championships can be seen throughout the community among residents, community leaders and businesses who “RiseUp” together to make Reidsville the best place to live, work, succeed and of course retire.

Join our team; become a part of our "Community of Champions" and together we will Rise Up and face any challenges thrown our way.  We know we are stronger together and we look forward to welcoming you to Reidsville!


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