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Capture the Moment with these Picture Perfect Holiday Backdrops

Make your Christmas card the talk of the season with Reidsville’s one-of-a-kind holiday backdrops. Now through the end of the year you can capture the perfect moment with your choice of 10 backdrops in downtown Reidsville. Choose from a traditional holiday scene complete with toy soldiers and a peppermint tree or maybe you prefer Christmas on the Farm with a barn background and red tractor. How about a vintage camper as you warm your hands by the campfire or an antique car decked out in seasonal decor? You can find all of these scenes and more in Reidsville. Join us for a weekend, spend the summer at Lake Reidsville, make us your new holiday tradition, or better yet create a lifetime of memories all year long by becoming a resident of our wonderful community. We invite you to visit Reidsville and capture your picture perfect moment!

Share your pics with us on social @TeamReidsville. Below are some of our favorites!

To find out more about what Reidsville has to offer, at or contact us directly at (336) 349-1099.

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Unknown member
Oct 05, 2023

All the moments in the photo seem “perfect” and I feel like a magical moment in a festive atmosphere. These photos fill me with warmth and joy. Picture Perfect Holiday reminded me of english bulldog puppy pictures. As soon as I saw these images, I remembered the incredible facial expressions and cute faces that bulldogs make. These little furry creatures always make me happy and improve my mood.


Dec 22, 2021

Is this free to anyone?

Dec 22, 2021
Replying to

Yes it is! Just make the trip to downtown Reidsville and enjoy. Share pics with us @TeamReidsville on Insta and Facebook.

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