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Lake's Edge is Rockingham County's first disc golf course.

Based on traditional golf, disc golf is a fast-growing sport where players throw a flying disc into a metal basket with chains hanging over it. The player that travels the course making the fewest number of throws of the disc wins. The discs are specially made for various parts of the games – from putters to mid-range discs to drivers.

Disc golf has taken off around the nation and the world in recent years because it is a sport that can be played by all ages at various levels. There is even a pro tour, which has been known to draw players from as far away as Sweden.


Lake Reidsville

630 Water Works Road

Reidsville, NC 27320


(336) 349-4738

Lake Store Hours: Summer 8-5, Winter 8-2


Lake's Edge is geared for both the family and for professional play. Located in the woods of Lake Reidsville Recreation Park, the course is challenging as players must maneuver their shots around trees and over water. The only cost associated with playing is the car entry fee into the Lake Reidsville and the rental of discs, if needed. The Lake Reidsville Camp Store has discs available for sale or players can bring their own.

Local tournaments are held through the year. The course is listed on the Disc Golf Directory on and the Parks and Recreation Department have plans to get on the professional disc golf course circuit.


Check out upcoming tournaments on our Calendar of Events or call the Lake Store at 336-349-4738.

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disc golf winter bowl tournament
Disc Golf Tournament
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